2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf 1oz $50 Reverse
  • 2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf 1oz $50 Reverse

2021 $50 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf 1oz "W" Mint Mark


2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf 1oz $50

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2021 $50 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf 1oz

Mintage: 291 of 500

Made in Manitoba: This 'W' mint mark gold coin introduces a new finish.

For 2020, the Royal Canadian Mints in Ottawa and Winnipeg joined forces to create the first "made in Manitoba" numismatic tribute to our world-renowned Gold Maple Leaf (GML) bullion coin. It was the first pure gold numismatic coin struck at their Winnipeg facility, and its distinctive "W" mint mark and burnished (matte) finish set it apart. You'll find the same Gold Maple Leaf design and "W" (Winnipeg) mint mark on this 2021 collectible, but with a tailored specimen finish that was inspired by the striking exterior of our Winnipeg facility.

It's a "made in Manitoba" Gold Maple Leaf, now in a stunning new finish.

Special features:
  • A "W" MINT MARK! The "W" mint mark signifies that this pure gold numismatic coin was struck at our circulation production facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • UNIQUE COIN FINISH! Both the reverse and obverse feature a tailored specimen finish that was inspired by our Winnipeg facility's striking architecture.
  • A CANADIAN ICON! The maple leaf celebrates our great nation in all its beauty and diversity, and on this pure gold coin, it speaks toa proud minting tradition and the timeless appeal of our world-renowned Gold Maple Leaf coins.
  • LOW MINTAGE! Only 500 of these coins are available to collectors worldwide.
  • 1 OZ. PURE GOLD! Your coin is crafted from 99.99% pure gold.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.

More info on the 2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf 1oz $50

The 2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf is a limited edition coin that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of Canadian minting. This coin is crafted with precision and pride in Manitoba, a province known for its rich heritage and dedication to producing high-quality coins.

Featuring the iconic Canadian maple leaf design, this coin symbolizes the natural beauty and national identity of Canada. The maple leaf is intricately detailed, capturing the fine veins and textures of the leaf with remarkable precision.

Crafted from gold, the 2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf holds a face value of $50, offering both intrinsic value and artistic appeal. The purity and weight of the gold are inscribed on the reverse side of the coin, along with the year of issue.

As a limited edition coin, the 2021 $50 Gold Maple Leaf made in Manitoba holds a special significance for collectors and investors. Its rarity and association with Manitoba contribute to its desirability among coin enthusiasts.

To acquire this exceptional coin, it is recommended to consult reputable coin dealers, online bullion retailers, or official mint websites. Ensure that you verify the authenticity and quality of the coin before making a purchase.

Owning the 2021 Manitoba Gold Maple Leaf allows you to possess a piece of Canadian heritage and craftsmanship. Celebrate the beauty and artistry of Canadian minting while adding a valuable and unique coin to your collection or investment portfolio.

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