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What is a Pennyweight?

"Pennyweight" is a unit of weight that originates from the weight of a medieval British silver penny. Its history is intertwined with the history of coinage, commerce, and measurement in Britain. Here's a brief overview: Roman Influence: The history of weights in the British Isles begins with the Romans, who introduced the libra (pound), which […]

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Sell Gold near me

Sell Gold Near Me: How to Get the Best Value for Your Precious Metal Important note from the owners of regarding "sell gold near me" If you have a small ring or similar to sell, then driving a long distance to get your gold appraised may not be the best answer. But if you […]

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Price of Silver Canada

Price of Silver Canada: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction Silver has been a precious metal revered for its beauty and value throughout history. In Canada, the price of silver holds significant importance for investors, collectors, and even industrial sectors. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights into the Price of Silver Canada, covering its current market […]

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Cash for Gold near me

Cash for Gold Near Me: Turning Your Unwanted Jewelry into Cash and sell your gold Message from the owners of 401Gold in Toronto when searching for "cash for Gold Near Me" Location: 401Gold is located just off the 401 not far from where the 401 and 404 meet. By car, it is super easy to […]

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Gold Bar | Buying & Selling

Please click this link to see our catalogue of gold bars for sale And click this link to see how much we payout for gold bars Outline: Introduction to Bars of Gold The History of Gold as a Precious Metal The Process of Gold Production Mining and Extraction Refining Assaying Minting Different Types of Bars […]

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1 gram gold price in Canada

1 Gram Gold Price in Canada Introduction 1 gram gold Price in Canada via 401Gold includes payouts for all karats 1 gram gold price in Canada via Kitco 1 gram gold price Canada via Selling Gold Price in Canada for Gold Bars Selling Gold Price in Canada for Gold Coins Gold has been a valuable […]

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Gold Price Canada | All you need to know about Gold Price in Canada

How do you find the "Gold Price Canada"? To find the current gold price Canada, you can use various reliable sources, both online and offline. Here are some common methods: Financial News Websites: Many financial news websites provide real-time updates on the current gold price in Canada. You can visit reputable websites like Bloomberg, CNBC, […]

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How Much Gold Can You Sell Without Reporting in Canada?

How much gold can you sell without reporting in Canada (price of gold in Canada) Selling your gold in Canada is ordinarily a harmless activity, a part of the many commercial and transactional activities that, contribute to the economy of this country. But inasmuch as it is a harmless activity, there are certain regulations that […]

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Is Gold Easy to Sell?

If you have invested in or are considering investing in gold, one of your first questions would be, “Is Gold easy to sell”? If you haven’t thought of this yet, you probably should. Why? Because an investment is probably not the right one if you can’t offload it easily when the time comes.  Is gold […]

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How Does Cash for Gold Pay?

The payout is usually the final part of any cash for gold transaction. It is also what determines if you have been able to get enough substantial value for your gold that can justify its sale. Therefore, you must be well prepared before selling and understand how cash for gold pays. So how does cash […]

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