US Mint

The US Mint currently produces US Gold coins in both the Gold Eagle and the Gold Buffalo. But in years past they have produced several other coins such as the Indian Head series, the St Gaudens Double Eagle Gold coin and many more.


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These include, but not limited to:

Perth Mint (Australia) - One of the most prestigious mints, producing a wide range of gold coins and bars, including the famous Australian Kangaroo and Lunar series.
South African Mint (South Africa) - Famous for producing the Krugerrand, one of the most widely traded gold bullion coins in the world.
Royal Mint (United Kingdom) - Produces gold sovereigns and Britannia coins, known for their historical significance and exceptional quality.
Austrian Mint (Austria) - Produces the popular Vienna Philharmonic gold coins, known for their purity and beautiful design.
Chinese Mint (China) - Produces a variety of gold coins, including the Chinese Panda series, known for their annually changing designs.

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