Cash for Gold, Jewellery, Bullion and Other Precious Metals

Cash for Gold Benefits

  • Our payouts are HUGE!
  • We don't hide our Payouts.
  • Our scales are certified by Measurements Canada.
  • Our testing won't damage your items.
  • Our appraisals are FREE.
  • We offer FREE undercover parking.
  • We're minutes off the 401.

What We Buy


  • Cash for Gold, Silver & Platinum
  • Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings
  • Rings, Pendants, Brooches
  • New, Used or Broken
  • Luxury and Designer Brands
  • Broken Jewellery
  • Dental


  • Gold, Silver & Platinum
  • Palladium & Rhodium
  • American Eagles & Buffaloes
  • Krugerrands & Maple Leaves
  • Kangaroos & Kookaburras
  • Pandas & Britannia
  • Philharmonics & Much More


  • Gold, Silver & Platinum
  • Bars & Rounds
  • Perth Mint & Credit Suisse
  • Royal Mint & US Mint
  • PAMP Suisse & Sunshine Mint
  • Johnson Matthey & Engelhard
  • Valcambi & Much More

Why Buy From Us

Government Certified Scales

Getting the highest payout for your gold, silver, platinum jewellery, bullion or any other precious metal requires you to know exactly how much your items weigh. You cannot trust anyone with just any scale to measure something you own that could be worth thousands of dollars.

Cash for Gold buyers use two key factors in determining the value of your precious metals:

  • Purity of your metal
  • Weight in grams

For example, when we test your gold ring in our XRF spectrometer, we’re only confirming what you probably already know. But do you know the actual weight of your ring in grams?

As a reputable gold buyer, we at 401Gold only use A&D FX-300INC scales which are legal for trade in Canada and are certified by Measurements Canada for being accurate down to 0.001 grams And not only do we have a camera above our scales at all times recording every transaction, but we also have camera one on the side constantly showing the current certificate sticker from Measurements Canada.

Our motto is "Trust through Transparency", and as such as a cash for gold service we must ensure that we always present you with the best options possible to ensure your transaction with us is always open, honest and fair.

Non Destructive XRF Spectrometers

Most cash for gold buyers in Toronto use corrosive acids and scratch tests to determine the approximate purity of your precious metals, which are all harmful to your pieces.

Instead of damaging your items, 401Gold uses several non-destructive XRF spectrometers that do not cause any damage to your precious metals and are incredibly accurate at determining the purity of each metal.

In our North York lab, we utilize the GoldScope SD 520, supplied to us by our partners at Fischer Technologies in Mississauga. We believe this XRF Spectrometer is the most accurate available in Canada today.

At our retail storefront at 2190 Warden Avenue (just north or the 401), we use several testing machines including a GoldXpert XRF Spectrometer that is manufactured by Olympus, as well as several portable gold testing devices that are also completely non-destructive. These devices let us know what your precious metal is on the surface of your item, whether it is jewellery or bullion or some other item.

To see what's going on inside your items, we use two different Electronic Gold Density Testers, that divide the mass of the item by its volume to yield the density of the object. In simple terms, these testers let us know what's going on inside your item.

And for Bullion, we use two different testing machines with our favourite being the GVS Bullion tester. This unit tells us exactly what's going on inside any bullion with exceptional accuracy, which lets us identify real bullion from forgeries very quickly.

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