Selling Bullion (Coins / Bars / Rounds)

General Information

What do we buy?

401Gold buys Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium in any form and in any condition.

Can I come into your store and get cash today?

401Gold is open 7 days a week, and you can be paid in cash every day. For very large transactions, we may need to pay by e-transfer or check.

What don’t we buy?

If it's bullion, we buy it. No matter the weight or condition. If you're selling a precious metal that is not bullion grade, then our cash for gold rates for jewellery apply.

Can I send my bullion to you for appraisal and payment?

Yes, of course. Please email us at or call us on (416) 756-0401 so that we can give you a live quote on your item and then help you with shipping and insurance.

What if my bullion is under its listed weight?

If we buy a bullion item from you that is under its listed weight, we can only offer “damaged” value as we cannot resell your bullion product and it will need to be sent to the refinery for melting. This does not always apply to certain aged coins like Gold Sovereigns that may have lost some gold weight due to wear and tear.


Why do you pay less for certain items?

In Canada, 401Gold as a precious metals dealer has to charge HST on bullion products we sell that do not have a high purity. Examples of bullion products with a low purity include (but not limited to) gold sovereigns, Krugerrands or gold eagles that each have a purity of 91.67 (22k). These bullion items are far harder to resell in Canada, so our payouts need to be lower.

Does the condition of my item affect the payout?

Not always. Standard bullion products, we do pay more if the item is in pristine condition with its packaging and documentation. If the item is an old coin, then normal wear and tear is expected. But if the item is damaged in any way, you can expect a lower payout, as our resell price will reflect that damage.

How much will you pay me?

401Gold publishes many of our payout rates which are live 24/7. If your items aren't listed, please email us at or call us on (416) 756-0401 to get a live quote. Please note that our payout percentages change all the time based on demand for certain products

How do you pay me?

In our store we can pay by

  • Cash for transactions less than $10,000 CAD
  • Bank Draft (notice required)
  • e-transfer/Interac (Interac daily limits apply)
  • Company Check

For mail in transactions, we can pay by

  • Bank Draft (notice required)
  • e-transfer/Interac (Interac daily limits apply)
  • Company Check

Are there any taxes when I sell?

When selling jewellery in Canada, there are no taxes for individuals. If you are a business or other legal entity, we recommend that you get independent financial advice from an accountant or financial advisor.

Are there an extra fees?

There are no extra or hidden fees when selling any bullion product to 401Gold.

The only extra possible cost to you is if you need to pay for shipping and insurance to send the bullion to us. This does not apply to customers who bring their items to our store.
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