2018 $20 1908 Sovereign Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin Reverse
  • 2018 $20 1908 Sovereign Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin Reverse

2018 $20 The 1908 Sovereign 110th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin


2018 $20 The 1908 Sovereign 110th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin

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2018 $20 The 1908 Sovereign 110th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin

Immerse yourself in a piece of numismatic history with this breathtaking fully gold-plated 99.99% pure silver coin, paying homage to the 1908 British gold sovereign, a world-renowned gold coin and a cornerstone of the Royal Mint's legacy. For the first time in 1908, a select number of these sovereigns were produced right here in our Ottawa facility. Take a journey back in time with this gold-plated tribute to the 1908 British gold sovereign, meticulously crafted to mirror the original's design, including the distinctive "C" mint mark indicating its Canadian production, with the modern touch of a proof finish and the updated year "2018".

Enhance your collection with this exquisite nod to the 1908 British gold sovereign, a tangible piece of history.

Special Highlights:

  • FULLY GOLD-PLATED: A masterpiece in 99.99% pure silver, this coin is lavishly gold-plated, echoing the esteemed gold coin it commemorates.
  • CELEBRATING 110 YEARS: This coin is a stunning reproduction of the first gold coin struck at the Royal Canadian Mint (originally the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint)—the 1908 British gold sovereign.
  • PROUDLY CANADIAN: The reverse design mirrors the original, including the "C" mint mark for Canada, celebrating our nation's role in its production.
  • HISTORIC PORTRAITURE: Featuring King Edward VII's effigy and the original inscription on its obverse, just like the 1908 sovereign.
  • PREMIUM PROOF FINISH: This silver tribute boasts a proof finish, enhancing the classic design's intricate details, unlike the original's specimen finish.
  • ENLARGED FOR DETAIL: With a 38 mm diameter, this coin offers a grander view of the iconic design compared to the original's 22.05 mm diameter.
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR HISTORIANS: This tribute is not just a coin; it's a piece of Canadian and world numismatic history, perfect for any history-themed collection.
  • AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED: Comes with a serialized certificate from the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • EXCLUSIVELY LIMITED: Only 5,000 coins available worldwide.
  • TAX-FREE: Your coin is not subject to GST/HST.


Featuring Benedetto Pistrucci’s neoclassical Saint George and the dragon design, this coin replicates the 1908 sovereign produced by the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint. The "C" mint mark and the year "2018" pay homage to its Canadian production. The obverse carries King Edward VII's effigy by George W. DeSaulles, surrounded by the original legend signifying his titles.

Did You Know?

  • The 1908 British gold sovereign is a celebrated icon of the Royal Mint and marked the Ottawa facility's foray into producing these prestigious coins.
  • The establishment of a Canadian mint, spurred by the Klondike gold rush, aimed at creating sovereigns domestically, leading to the Ottawa branch's inauguration in 1908.
  • The Ottawa facility's addition of a refinery allowed for the production of some of the world's purest gold coins, a capability initially unanticipated.
  • The sovereign played a critical role in Canada's monetary system, primarily used for international transactions and banknote redemption, with production varying annually.


Your coin is securely encased and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell, accompanied by a black beauty box, making it a prestigious addition to any collection.

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