2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin
  • 2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated Pure Silver Coin

2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated (reverse) Pure Silver Coin


1 oz. Reverse Gold-Plated Pure Silver Coin - Iconic Canada: Inukshuk

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2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated (reverse) Pure Silver Coin

The inukshuk, with its rugged beauty and profound symbolism, serves as more than just a monument in the Arctic. For the Inuit, it acts as a beacon, guiding or cautioning those traversing the vast, often unforgiving northern wilderness. To Canadians from every corner of the country, it stands as a powerful emblem of community and camaraderie, especially in challenging times. The inukshuk's humanoid form, with arms outstretched, presents a warm, inviting symbol of Canada's immense northern spirit, conveying messages of presence and welcome to all who encounter it.

Don't miss the chance to highlight your collection with reverse gold plating—a striking feature that will make this coin a centerpiece!

Key Highlights of the 2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated (reverse) Pure Silver Coin:

  • 2016's half-ounce reverse gold-plated silver coin was a hit and quickly sold out. Secure the 2018 edition without delay!
  • This coin features a "P" mark, signifying its reverse gold-plated finish, transforming the 99.99% pure silver coin into a piece that radiates the allure of gold.
  • The inukshuk, a revered emblem of the north, is brilliantly displayed in silver against the reverse gold-plated backdrop, capturing the essence of Arctic symbolism.
  • Showcasing Canada's northern spirit, the intricate design celebrates an iconic symbol rich in cultural and spiritual significance across the Arctic, now recognized as a national symbol of unity and friendship.
  • With meticulous attention to detail, this 99.99% pure silver coin is a product of exquisite craftsmanship, featuring timeless artistry.
  • Limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide, this reverse gold-plated coin is an exceptional addition to any collection or a memorable gift.
  • Each coin comes with a serialized certificate from the Royal Canadian Mint, ensuring its authenticity.
  • Your purchase is GST/HST exempt.

Design of the 2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated (reverse) Pure Silver Coin:

Tony Bianco's design beautifully encapsulates the dual nature of the inukshuk as both a practical tool and a spiritual monument. Surrounded by reverse gold plating, the coin's rich golden color complements the precision-engraved northern landscape. At its heart, a silver inukshuk stands prominently, symbolizing guidance and connection, set against a backdrop of the northern lights. The reverse displays "CANADA," the year "2018," and a face value of "20 DOLLARS," while the gold-plated obverse features Queen Elizabeth II's effigy by Susanna Blunt.


Encased in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell, your 2018 1 oz $20 Inukshuk Gold Plated (reverse) Pure Silver Coin is presented alongside a black beauty box, making it an impressive display piece or a cherished gift.

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Silver / Gold plated


Royal Canadian Mint




In Capsule, inside leather display case inside cardboard box

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31.39 grams

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