1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar - Various Condition1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar - Various Condition
  • 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar - Various Condition
  • 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar - Various Condition

1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar - Various Condition


1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar

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1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar

Enhance your coin collection with the 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar, a symbol of Canadian heritage and craftsmanship. This iconic coin pays homage to Canada’s early explorers and fur traders, capturing the adventurous spirit that shaped the nation. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to numismatics, this sterling silver coin provides a tangible connection to Canada’s rich past.

Key Features:

  1. Historical Significance: The 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar celebrates Canada's fur trade and exploration era, continuing the legacy of the Voyageur series first introduced in 1935. It represents the pioneering spirit of the nation’s early adventurers.
  2. Sterling Silver Composition: Comprising 80% silver and 20% copper, this coin blends precious metal value with historical importance, ensuring lasting appeal and value.
  3. Intricate Design: The obverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Mary Gillick. The reverse showcases Emanuel Hahn's renowned depiction of a voyageur and an Indigenous guide paddling a canoe through turbulent waters, surrounded by a natural landscape. The detailed artwork highlights Canada’s wilderness and fur trade heritage.
  4. Limited Mintage: As a coin from the mid-20th century, the 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar is a rare and sought-after collectible, enhancing its desirability among numismatists.
  5. Legacy of Craftsmanship: Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, this coin exemplifies the Mint's high standards of craftsmanship and quality, ensuring a piece that is both beautiful and durable.
  6. Collectible Appeal: The 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar is a must-have for coin collectors and history enthusiasts. Its unique design, historical significance, and limited mintage make it a standout piece in any collection. Additionally, its silver content ensures it retains intrinsic value, providing both historical and monetary worth.
  7. Investment Potential: This coin is not just a collectible but also a valuable investment. The combination of its historical importance, artistic design, and silver composition makes the 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar a valuable asset. Its potential for appreciation over time makes it an attractive option for those looking to invest in rare coins.

Own a piece of Canadian history with the 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar. This coin represents a significant chapter in the nation’s numismatic history and serves as a tribute to Canada’s fur trade and exploration legacy. Its sterling silver composition, intricate design, and historical value make it a prized addition to any collection. Whether you're commemorating Canada's rich heritage or seeking a valuable investment, the 1955 Voyageur Silver Dollar is a timeless piece worth owning. Secure this historic coin and celebrate the enduring legacy of Canadian craftsmanship and exploration.

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36 mm




80% Silver & 20% Copper


Royal Canadian Mint


23.33 gm

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