1953 to 1967 Voyageur Silver Dollar- various years1953 to 1967 Voyageur Silver Dollar- various years
  • 1953 to 1967 Voyageur Silver Dollar- various years
  • 1953 to 1967 Voyageur Silver Dollar- various years

1935 to 1967 Voyageur Silver Dollar- various years


Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar

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1935 to 1967 Voyageur Silver Dollar - Various years

*** These coins come in circulated condition, with wear and tear and tarnishing and may have been cleaned***

Composition: Silver

Fineness: 0.8000

Weight: 23.3276g

ASW: 0.6oz

Diameter: 36mm

The Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar, also known as the Canadian Silver Dollar, is a historic coin that holds significance in Canadian numismatic history. Here is some information about this iconic coin:

  1. Design: The Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar features a design that pays tribute to the early Canadian fur trade era. The coin's reverse side showcases a depiction of a voyageur—a skilled French-Canadian fur trader—paddling a canoe while guiding it through the rough waters of a Canadian river. The design represents the exploration and economic importance of the fur trade in Canadian history.
  2. Composition: The coin is made of 80% silver and 20% copper, giving it a silver content of 0.6 troy ounces. This composition contributes to the coin's overall value and collectibility. The copper content adds durability to the coin.
  3. Denomination: The coin has a face value of one Canadian dollar. It is considered legal tender in Canada, although its silver content and historical significance make it more valuable to collectors than its face value.
  4. Year of Issue: The Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar was first issued in 1935 as a commemorative coin to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V. It continued to be minted until 1967, which marked Canada's centennial year.
  5. Variations: Throughout its years of minting, the Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar underwent several design variations. Notable changes include alterations to the size of the date and the effigy of the reigning monarch on the obverse side.
  6. Rarity and Value: The value of this coin depends on factors such as its condition, rarity, and silver content. Older coins or those in exceptional condition may hold higher value among collectors. Additionally, specific years or variations may be more sought after, impacting their market value.
  7. Collectibility: The Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar is highly collected both in Canada and internationally. Its historical significance, unique design, and silver content make it a popular choice for coin enthusiasts, history buffs, and numismatists.

If you possess or are considering acquiring a Canadian Voyageur Silver Dollar, it is recommended to consult with reputable coin dealers or numismatic experts for accurate assessments of its value and authenticity.

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23.33 grams

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Royal Canadian Mint


80% Silver & 20% Copper

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