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  • 1922-D Peace Dollar
  • 1922-D Peace Dollar

1922-D Peace Dollar


1922-D Peace Dollar

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1922-D Peace Dollar

The 1922-D Peace Dollar, a numismatic masterpiece from the early 20th century, holds a unique place in American coinage history. Struck during a period when the United States was recovering from the aftermath of World War I, this silver dollar exudes a sense of serenity and optimism. Its elegant design and historical significance have captivated collectors and enthusiasts for generations. In this introduction, we will embark on a journey to uncover the story behind the creation and enduring legacy of the 1922-D Peace Dollar, exploring its historical context, distinctive design elements, and its continued appeal as a sought-after collector's item.

Noteworthy Attributes:

  • Historical Significance: The 1922-D Peace Dollar is a product of the post-World War I era, symbolizing the nation's aspirations for peace and stability after the global conflict.
  • Unique Design: Renowned sculptor Anthony de Francisci's design graces this coin, featuring a peaceful Lady Liberty on the obverse and a regal bald eagle on the reverse.
  • Denver Mint: The "D" mintmark on the coin signifies that it was minted in Denver, Colorado, adding to its collectible appeal.
  • Silver Content: Composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, the Peace Dollar contains 0.7734 ounces of pure silver, making it highly valuable for its precious metal content.
  • Collectible Rarity: With a mintage of 15,063,000, the 1922-D Peace Dollar is considered relatively scarce compared to some other Peace Dollar issues.
  • Varieties: Two primary varieties of the Peace Dollar exist, the "High Relief" and the "Low Relief," each possessing its own unique characteristics that attract collectors.
  • Condition Matters: The coin's value is significantly influenced by its condition, with uncirculated, well-preserved examples being highly sought after by collectors.
  • Symbol of Peace: The coin's prominent use of the word "PEACE" serves as a powerful reminder of the desire for global harmony following the devastation of World War I.
  • Legacy: As a representation of post-war optimism and unity, the Peace Dollar continues to be a highly esteemed and coveted numismatic treasure among collectors and investors.

Product Information:

Step back in time to an era defined by hope and healing with the 1922-D Peace Dollar. This silver coin, minted in Denver, Colorado, holds a special place in American history, embodying the nation's yearning for peace after World War I. Explore the captivating story, exquisite design, and collector's appeal of the 1922 Peace Dollar in this in-depth guide.

  1. Historical Significance: The 1922-D Peace Dollar was born from a post-World War I sentiment, encapsulating the longing for serenity. Its iconic design by sculptor Anthony de Francisci radiates a sense of hope and unity, making it a cherished numismatic relic.
  2. Design Elegance: Marvel at the coin's elegant design, featuring a serene Lady Liberty on the obverse and a majestic bald eagle on the reverse. The intricate details and symbolic elements make it not just a collectible but a work of art.
  3. Denver Mint Heritage: The "D" mintmark signifies the Denver Mint's role in the creation of this numismatic masterpiece. Denver's contribution to the coin's production adds to its historical and collectible allure.
  4. Precious Metal Content: Comprising 90% silver and 10% copper, the 1922-D Peace Dollar contains 0.7734 ounces of pure silver. This high silver content makes it a valuable addition to any collection or investment portfolio.
  5. Collector's Rarity: With a mintage of just 15,063,000, the 1922-D Peace Dollar is considered relatively scarce, enhancing its appeal to collectors. Varieties such as the "High Relief" and "Low Relief" versions add to its intrigue.
  6. Investment Potential: Beyond its historical significance, the 1922-D Peace Dollar is a sound investment choice due to its silver content and collectible value. Learn how to leverage its investment potential.

The 1922-D Peace Dollar serves as a timeless testament to an era of recovery and unity. Its historical significance, exquisite design, scarcity, and investment potential make it a treasured possession for collectors and investors alike. Dive into the world of the 1922-D Peace Dollar and discover the elegance and historical value it holds.

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US Mint - Denver




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