10oz IGR Silver Bar - 999 (Sealed w/Assay) Random10oz IGR Silver Bar - 999 (Sealed w/Assay) Random
  • 10oz IGR Silver Bar - 999 (Sealed w/Assay) Random
  • 10oz IGR Silver Bar - 999 (Sealed w/Assay) Random

10oz IGR Silver Bar - 999 (Sealed w/Assay)


10oz IGR Silver Bar

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10oz IGR Silver Bar

Minted silver ingots are crafted by numerous mints globally, with Turkey, China, and India emerging as key hubs for production and investment. The Istanbul Gold Refinery, a reputable precious metal product manufacturer accredited by LMBA since 2011, stands out in this landscape. Notably, the Istanbul Gold Refinery has substantially increased its production of bullion products in recent years, offering higher-purity gold bars and silver bars available for purchase.

Established in 1996, the Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) swiftly gained international acclaim over its nearly 25-year existence. Dedicated to achieving excellence and perfection, IGR's bullion bars have become synonymous with prestige in the industry. Since its inception, IGR has proudly held the distinction of being Turkey's pioneering refiner of high-purity gold products.

Introducing the Istanbul Gold Refinery silver bars – a must-have for any discerning collector. This product listing features brand-new 10oz IGR Silver Bar, each meticulously crafted at the mint. Every bar is individually packaged within a protective assay, ensuring its pristine condition. The accompanying assay card provides essential details, including weight, fineness, serial number, metal content, and additional authentication information. Elevate your collection with the hallmark quality of Istanbul Gold Refinery silver bars.

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Elevate your precious metals collection with the distinguished 10oz Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) Silver Bar. Established in 1996, IGR has become a global symbol of excellence and precision in the minting industry over its impressive 25-year legacy.

  1. Renowned Legacy: Since its inception, IGR has garnered worldwide recognition, setting a standard for quality and craftsmanship in the precious metals market. The 10oz IGR Silver Bar reflects this legacy of excellence.
  2. Purity Pioneers: IGR holds the prestigious title of Turkey's first refiner to produce high-purity gold products. This commitment to purity is carried over into every 10oz IGR Silver Bar, ensuring a valuable addition to your collection.
  3. Fresh from the Mint: Each 10oz IGR Silver Bar in this product listing is brand new and directly from the mint. Experience the quality and precision that IGR is renowned for in every bar.
  4. Secure Packaging: Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. The bars are individually packaged within a secure assay, safeguarding the condition of each bar during storage and transport.
  5. Detailed Authentication: Every 10oz IGR Silver Bar comes with an accompanying assay card, providing essential information such as weight, fineness, serial number, and metal content. These details offer peace of mind and ensure the authenticity of your investment.

Invest in the exceptional with the 10oz IGR Silver Bar – a testament to IGR's commitment to quality and precision in the world of precious metals. Elevate your collection today with this fine example of craftsmanship and excellence.

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