Where Can I Get the Most Cash for Gold in Toronto?

When selling your gold the price you get for it is bound to be one of the most important factors you consider. The best practice is not to sell your gold unless you get a fair offer for it. Most of the time, the problem remains that we have no idea where to go to get the best offers for our gold.

Where can you get the most cash for gold in Toronto?

There are a ton of gold buyers who do business in Toronto, and while some of them offer truly fantastic prices for your gold, others offer mediocre price ranges at best. Figuring out which is which takes a lot of time and effort and we understand that. For this reason we have researched multiple gold buyers in Toronto to determine, on average, where you can get the best payouts.

This article highlights the best gold buyers in Toronto who offer the best rates consistently in no particular order. We also point out where they are located, and how you can contact them so you have no problems figuring out which is closest to you. Let’s dive in!  

  • 401gold: Located minutes off the 401, 401gold is a Canadian-owned and operated business that buys gold jewellery, coins, and bullion from you if you’re willing to sell. One of the features that sets 401gold apart is our complete transparency with prices. The prices on our website are live updated, depending on the spot gold price, you can call in or visit the store to lock in a price.

Just to show how good our prices are, you can currently get $61.95 for a gram of 24kt gold in the store, $54.21 for a gram of 24kt gold with our mobile service where we come to you, and $73.57 for a gram of 24kt gold made by premium jewellers such as Tiffany or Cartier. It is even more impressive when you consider the fact that all these incredible prices are offered while spot gold trades at $77.44 per gram.

Furthermore, other factors like the fact that we typically offer free appraisals and free underground parking when you come into the store to do business with us, you can rest assured that of all gold buyers in Toronto, 401gold offers the best service. With our online price calculator, you can also figure out how much cash you will get before going into the store.

Address: 2190 Warden Avenue Suite G5, Toronto ON M1T 1V6. Phone: (416) 756-0401.

  • Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers: At Pinto two things are guaranteed; the utmost professionalism and some of the best prices. Another Canadian-owned and operated business, Pinto Cash for Gold and Jewellery Buyers is a reputable business that specializes in buying unwanted gold. At Pinto you can always get good prices on jewellery even when they are no longer in style.

When appraising your gold to offer you a deal, Pinto takes into consideration the spot prices of gold from third parties at the time of appraisal. This does not apply only when you intend to sell your gold but also when you need to pawn it. Alternatively, you can request an appraisal online so you have a good idea of what to expect before going into the store.

Address: 2570 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4P 2J3. Phone: (416) 481-9846.

  • Finest Gold Gallery: Since 1986 when Finest Gold Gallery began it has established itself and remained as one of the most prominent and respectable names in the Canadian jewellery space with consistent quality and service. Primarily offering jewellery repair services and some of the best jewellery for sale, the business also offers gold buying services for those looking to sell jewellery and bullion.

As with many other gold buying businesses they consider the weight and purity of your gold when buying. However, the price you are offered depends on the live market prices of gold at the time you sell.

As a local jewellery manufacturer, Finest Gold Gallery offers some of the best prices since they also need the gold to manufacture. Also, when you sell directly to a manufacturer like Finest Gold Gallery, you eliminate the middleman who you would naturally sell to. Most of the time these middlemen end up selling to manufacturers and turn a profit in the process.

Address: 10271 Yonge Street, Suite 101 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B5. Phone: 905-884-7227.

  • Toronto Gold: A member of the Canada Gold network, one of Canada’s most trusted gold buyers, Toronto Gold is another business that offers some of the highest payouts to people who sell gold to them for cash. One of the things that set Toronto Gold apart is the focus on customer retention, which in the business, is easily achieved with good payouts.

With daily prices that reflect the spot rate of gold for when you sell to them, Toronto Gold offers on-the-spot payment and free appraisals. When selling coins to them they typically offer you up to 95% of the spot rate. With jewellery purchases they offer 70% to 90% of the spot rate so that they can also cover refining costs. Their offers also depend on the purity of the jewellery as you will see here.

Address: 829 Bloor Street W., Toronto, ON. Phone: 416-434-4653

  • Muzeum: A financial service built by a group of people who have been around the world, Muzeum has extensive networks that cater to collectors, end-users, and many more. Essentially, they combine their expertise and reputation to serve as caretakers of whatever items you need to sell.

They then further use their extensive network to create a competitive buying process for the jewellery they sell. Muzeum is also the storefront location for the Great Canadian Roadshow. So far they have spent over $25,000,000 in payouts over a period that extends 20 years making them one of the most trusted gold buyers in Toronto.

With transparent prices, their first offer on all fine metal stands at 95% of the market rate. For all jewellery that isn’t fine metal, they offer an interesting promotion where if you receive a written offer from any of their competitors, they will beat that offer by 10%.

Address: 128 Cumberland St, Toronto ON M5R 1A6. Phone: 1-800-7746-0902.

  • Gold24 Canada: Striving to be the best cash-for-gold business in Toronto, Gold24 coordinates transactions with competitive market rates to, as much as possible, offer the best services to their customers. Offering fast and friendly payment, Gold24 buys jewellery (wanted and unwanted) in any shape or form.

On their payout information page, Gold24 is also very transparent with how they calculate payout prices for those looking to sell their gold. Of course, the major factors considered are the purity and weight of the piece to be sold as well as the spot price of gold.

Address: 203 Church St Suite 402, Toronto, ON M5B 1Y7. Phone: 416-587-2871.

  • Other People: Selling your gold to other people directly might be a good way to get the most cash for your gold. This way, you do not end up paying for all the costs gold buyers charge when you sell to them.

However, when you also sell directly to other people there is no guarantee that the offers you get will match up with the actual price of gold. To sell to other people you can make use of sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. When you meet to transact, also ensure to take basic safety precautions.  

With the information we have provided here, you should now have a good idea of how to get the most cash for your gold in Toronto. These are all places where you get offered some of the best prices on your gold jewellery or bullion. Even among all these buyers that offer the best prices, only one truly stands out.

To get the most cash for your gold in Toronto, you should visit, call, or sell to 401gold. When you compare offers from 401gold to offers from other buyers in Toronto, the difference is glaring. Our deals stand out and leave you with the most cash in your pocket at the end of the day.

How much will I get offered for my gold?

Most of the time, the price you get offered for your gold depends on three things; its weight, its purity, and the value of gold at the moment you are selling. Once these three factors are determined, most gold buyers then offer what they believe to be a reasonable price for the gold.

Can I sell my gold at the same price I bought it?

When selling even the purest gold, most buyers only offer you about 98% of its current value at best so they can still turn a profit. To be able to sell at the same price you bought it, or even make a profit on your end, the spot price of gold would have to be higher than when you first bought it.

What is gold worth?

The price of gold varies from day to day, so to know what gold is worth, you would have to check the prices for that day. When you look up the price of gold, the price you get will be that of pure (24 karat gold).

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