2024 $50 Year of the Dragon EHR Silver Coin reverse
  • 2024 $50 Year of the Dragon EHR Silver Coin reverse

2024 $50 Year of the Dragon EHR Silver Coin | 100.74 grams 9999


2024 $50 Year of the Dragon EHR

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2024 $50 Year of the Dragon EHR Silver Coin

EHR = Extraordinarily High Relief

This EHR Dragon coin is a groundbreaking creation, unparalleled in its design and craftsmanship.

As minting technology advances, so too does the artistry of coin design, and this coin, made of 99.99% pure silver, showcases an innovative leap in numismatic artistry.

In the spirit of Chinese astrology, the year 2024 heralds the era of the Wood Dragon, symbolizing a period ripe with potential for advancement, creativity, and prosperity. This coin features a striking wood pattern background, setting the stage for the majestic Dragon, which is vividly brought to life through Extraordinarily High Relief (EHR) technology. This technique elevates the Dragon's detailed depiction to a remarkable height of 4.7 mm. Our Research and Development team has pushed the boundaries even further by adding a rear view of the Dragon on the coin's obverse, also in Extraordinarily High Relief, achieving a relief height of 3.85 mm. This dual-sided approach lends the Dragon an impressive three-dimensional presence within the coin's design.

Featuring Extraordinarily High Relief on both faces, this coin represents a pioneering achievement by the Mint and is poised to be a standout piece in 2024.

Experience a masterpiece of innovation and design.

Key Highlights:

  • Honor the Year of the Wood Dragon. Experience the most esteemed symbol of the Chinese Zodiac in a dynamic three-dimensional form across both sides of the coin.
  • Unprecedented craftsmanship. This coin transcends ordinary design by incorporating EHR on both sides, creating a unified, dual-perspective design that showcases the Dragon's form with peak relief heights of 4.7 mm and 3.85 mm.
  • A symbol of luck. Minted in 99.99% pure silver with a stunning proof finish, this 50 mm coin is a limited edition, with only 5,388 pieces available worldwide.
  • Exquisite presentation. The coin is presented in a special floating capsule designed for vertical display, allowing for clear viewing from both sides. It is housed within a black clamshell and comes with a red beauty box, extending a wish for "Good Fortune."
  • Authenticated by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin includes a serialized certificate of authenticity.
  • Exempt from GST/HST.

Packaging Details:

Your coin is secured within a distinctive floating capsule, engineered for vertical presentation and enhanced visibility from every angle. It is encased in a black clamshell and delivered in a red beauty box that conveys wishes for "Good Fortune" for the coming year.

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Certificate of Authenticity













Royal Canadian Mint




In Capsule, inside leather display case inside cardboard box

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100.74 grams

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