2018 $20 1 oz Geometric Fauna Snowy Owls Silver Coin
  • 2018 $20 1 oz Geometric Fauna Snowy Owls Silver Coin

2018 $20 1 oz Geometric Fauna: Snowy Owls Silver Coin 9999


2018 1 oz Geometric Fauna: Snowy Owls Silver Coin

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2018 1 oz Geometric Fauna: Snowy Owls Silver Coin 9999

Adorned in its brilliant, snow-white feathers, the snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) stands as a stunning symbol of the northern climes. With its piercing yellow eyes, this bird thrives across Canada's winters, extending its summer habitat to the far reaches of the Arctic Archipelago. Known for its resilience, mystique, and vigilant nature, the snowy owl captivates onlookers as it perches on elevated vantage points, keenly surveying its environment for prey or readying for flight. This coin marks the second release in your enthralling Geometric Fauna series, following the grey wolf. It features a snowy owl transitioning from a geometric form to a more realistic depiction, breaking free from the confines of its artistic boundaries.

Enhance or kick-start your exquisite geometric wildlife collection today!

Highlights of the Snowy Owls Silver Coin:

  • SECOND RELEASE IN A FRESH SERIES: This snowy owl coin advances a stunning wildlife portrait series, blending lifelike imagery with geometric design. The series also includes:
    • Grey Wolves ($104.95, available at while supplies last)
    • Orcas ($104.95, anticipated in May 2018)
  • LIMITED SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: Secure the complete 3-coin series with a subscription, receiving one coin monthly. Charges apply only upon each coin's dispatch.
  • METICULOUS ARTISTRY: Iconic Canadian wildlife is rendered in distinctive polygon shapes, characteristic of low poly art, transitioning seamlessly into realistic portrayals.
  • DETAILED FINISHES: Expert engraving ensures sharp lines, with varied finishes to emulate the play of light and shadow, adding depth to the stylized depiction.
  • AUTHENTICATED: Includes a serialized certificate from the Royal Canadian Mint, validating each coin's authenticity.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Limited to just 6,000 pieces worldwide. Act swiftly to secure your piece.
  • PURE SILVER: Minted in 1 oz of 99.99% pure silver, offered without GST/HST.

Design of the Snowy Owls Silver Coin:

Claude Thivierge's design masterfully combines artistic styles to capture the enigmatic beauty of this avian species against a winter backdrop, highlighted by a colorful sunset. The scene is serene, with the landscape under a blanket of snow, where relief engraving mimics natural textures. Two snowy owls, depicted in low poly art style, add a dynamic element; one owl in flight breaks through the design's geometric constraints, merging abstract with realism. The coin features “CANADA,” its value “20 DOLLARS,” and the year “2018” along the edge. The obverse displays Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Did You Know?

  • The snowy owl is Quebec's official bird since 1987.
  • Exhibiting nomadic behavior, research has shown snowy owls traveling vast distances from their nesting sites, including journeys to Hudson Bay, southeastern Ontario, and as far as the Russian coast.
  • Adapted for life in the Arctic, the snowy owl possesses exceptional vision, capable of spotting prey even in low light, and can rotate its head up to 270 degrees to survey its surroundings.
  • It can wait patiently for hours for the slightest movement of prey, relying on its keen senses to hunt even under the snow.


Your coin is securely housed in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell, complete with a beautifully designed beauty box, making it a perfect addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift.

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