2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin - 0.9167 (22kt)

2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin - (22kt)


2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin

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2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin

The 2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin is a precious tribute to the bond between a mother and her child. Crafted from 0.9167 pure (22 karat) gold, this coin combines high intrinsic value with exceptional artistic design, making it a cherished piece for collectors and investors alike. With its symbolic depiction and substantial gold content, this coin stands out as a valuable addition to any precious metals portfolio.

Key Features

  1. 0.9167 (22 Karat) Gold Composition: Each coin is made from 91.67% pure gold, ensuring both durability and high intrinsic value.
  2. $200 Face Value: Recognized as legal tender with a face value of $200, this coin holds credibility and trust.
  3. Beautiful Design: The coin features a heartfelt depiction of a mother holding her child, symbolizing the enduring bond of love and care.
  4. Year 2000 Mintage: Minted in the year 2000, this coin carries historical significance and appeal.
  5. Limited Edition: As a limited-edition piece, it offers added value and rarity for collectors.

Why Choose the 2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin?

Exceptional Craftsmanship

The 2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin showcases exquisite artistry. The intricate design captures the tender moment between a mother and her child, reflecting the timeless beauty and strength of this relationship. The attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship make this coin a remarkable piece of art.

Investment Benefits

  • Intrinsic Value: With a composition of 22 karat gold, this coin holds significant intrinsic value, making it a reliable investment.
  • Hedge Against Inflation: Gold is a proven hedge against inflation and economic volatility, providing security and stability for your investment portfolio.
  • Limited Edition Appeal: The coin's limited mintage enhances its collectible value, offering potential for appreciation over time.

Symbolic Significance

The design of the 2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin is deeply meaningful. It represents the universal theme of maternal love and protection, making it a sentimental and cherished keepsake. This coin is a perfect gift for commemorating special occasions and celebrating the bond between a mother and child.

Historical and Collectible Value

Minted in the year 2000, this coin marks a significant moment in history—the turn of the millennium. Its unique design and limited availability add to its collectible value, making it a sought-after item for collectors who appreciate both its historical and artistic significance.

How to Purchase

The 2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin can be purchased through reputable precious metals dealers, both online and in-store. To ensure authenticity and secure transactions, it is recommended to buy from certified dealers who provide certificates of authenticity and excellent customer service.


The 2000 $200 Mother and Child Gold Coin is more than just a piece of gold; it is a heartfelt tribute to the bond between mother and child, a valuable investment, and a piece of art. With its 22 karat gold composition, beautiful design, and historical significance, this coin is an excellent addition to any collection.

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