1979 Half oz JM Trojan Gold Bar Rear.png1979 Half oz JM Trojan Gold Bar-Front
  • 1979 Half oz JM Trojan Gold Bar Rear.png
  • 1979 Half oz JM Trojan Gold Bar-Front

Rare 1979 1/2 oz JM Trojan Gold Bar


1979 1/2 oz JM Trojan Gold Bar

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1979 1/2 oz JM Trojan Gold Bar

**** The photo shown is one of the many we have in stock, and may not be the actual bar you receive ****

The 1979 1/2 oz JM Trojan (Johnson Matthey) gold bar holds immense appeal for both gold enthusiasts and collectors seeking a valuable investment. Crafted from .999 fine gold, this bar guarantees purity and enduring worth for years to come.

The obverse side of the bar showcases a meticulously designed Trojan warrior in full armor, holding a shield and spear, positioned against the backdrop of Troy's mighty walls. This intricate artwork adds a distinct aesthetic charm to the bar, elevating its desirability as a prized collectible.

On the reverse side, the bar proudly displays the Johnson Matthey logo, accompanied by essential details such as weight, purity, and year of production. These markings equip investors with crucial information necessary for making informed decisions about their investments.

Weighing in at 1/2 oz, the JM Trojan (Johnson Matthey) gold bar provides a relatively smaller and lightweight investment option, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to invest in gold without committing to larger quantities. The compact size ensures easy transportation and storage, offering investors enhanced flexibility and convenience.

To guarantee authenticity and preserve the bar's condition, each individual bar comes securely sealed within a tamper-evident package. This protective casing shields the bar from potential damage and corrosion, ensuring its pristine state over time.

Renowned and respected in the precious metals industry, the Johnson Matthey brand inspires confidence among investors. The 1979 1/2 oz JM Trojan (Johnson Matthey) gold bar exemplifies the brand's commitment to delivering quality products, providing investors with a reliable and trusted investment opportunity.

While the exact mintage figures for the 1979 1/2 oz Trojan Johnson Matthey gold bars remain undisclosed by the manufacturer, Johnson Matthey, it is widely recognized that only a limited quantity of these bars were produced in 1979. This scarcity contributes to their rarity and intensifies the demand among collectors and investors. Consequently, these bars have become highly sought-after and may command a premium over their gold content due to their limited availability.


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