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1967 Canada Specimen Set with $20 Gold Coin (never opened)



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1967 Canada Specimen Set With $20 Gold Coin

*** Only one (1) set left, and this one has never been opened. This set comes in packaged in its original cardboard box, which is in excellent condition and has NEVER been touched by human hands since it was first packaged by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1967 ***

  • The photos used are from another set, as we did not want to open the box on this one
  • outer cardboard packaging from the Royal Canadian Mint,
  • cardboard presentation box
  • black display case
  • 7 specimen coins in mint condition including the $20 1967 Gold coin

We bought 4 of these sets, and the silver coins in each will possibly be tarnished

1967 Canada Specimen set with $20 gold coin (silver coins are lightly toned) In 1967 the Royal Canadian Mint produced two special cased coins sets to mark the 100th anniversary of Confederation.  This is the gold presentation set contained a $20 22 karat gold coin with a weight of 18.27 grams, and one each of the 1c to 1$, all of specimen finish. This set was housed in a black leather presentation case

• $20 Gold Coin: Canadian Coat of Arms
• Silver Dollar: Canada goose (serene and dynamic)
• Half Dollar: Howling Wolf (symbolic of the vastness of Canada)
• Quarter: Bobcat (expressing independence and decisive action)
• Dime: Mackerel (symbol of continuity)
• Nickel: Rabbit (connected with fertility, new life and promise)
• Cent: Rock Dove (associated with spiritual values and peace)

This item is NOT tax exempt

Product Description: 1967 Canada Specimen Set With $20 Gold Coin

Section 1: "Uncover Canadian History with a Rare 1967 Specimen Set"

Step back in time and discover the rich history of Canada with our exclusive 1967 Canada Specimen Set. This carefully curated collection includes a dazzling $20 Gold Coin, a rare treasure that represents a pivotal moment in Canadian history. Immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of Canada with this unique keepsake from its centennial year. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set is a testament to the nation's enduring legacy.

Section 2: "Exquisite Craftsmanship and Timeless Beauty"

Experience the allure of expert craftsmanship and timeless beauty with our 1967 Canada Specimen Set. Each coin in the set showcases intricate designs and engravings that capture the essence of Canada's natural wonders and cultural symbols. The $20 Gold Coin, in particular, stands out with its iconic Canadian goose motif, symbolizing the nation's untamed wilderness. Owning this set means holding a piece of artistry that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Section 3: "A Precious Investment for Generations to Come"

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the 1967 Canada Specimen Set with the $20 Gold Coin is a valuable investment that stands the test of time. Gold has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for centuries, and this coin holds intrinsic value, making it a secure asset for generations to come. Whether you are a seasoned collector or an astute investor, this limited-edition set is a brilliant addition to your portfolio.


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Royal Canadian Mint

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Gold, Silver


0.5288 Troy Ounce



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