100 oz JM Canada Vintage Silver Bar 999+
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100 oz JM Canada Vintage Silver Bar 999+

Rarely seen and high demand Vintage 100oz Silver JM Silver bar 999+ in amazing condition

Serial # 12825 B

Original hand stamped in Canada

The 100oz JM Canada Vintage Silver Bar is a highly sought-after silver bullion product renowned for its quality and purity. Each bar contains 100 troy ounces of .999+ fine silver, making it an excellent investment choice for those looking to diversify their portfolio or expand their precious metals holdings.

Crafted by JM (Johnson Matthey), a trusted name in the precious metals industry, this vintage silver bar carries a sense of history and authenticity. It features the iconic JM logo, along with the weight and purity specifications, engraved on the obverse side.

The JM Canada Vintage Silver Bar offers both the intrinsic value of silver and the appeal of a collectible piece. Its large size and impressive weight make it a standout among silver bullion options. With its timeless design and enduring value, this silver bar is not only an investment in precious metals but also a piece of history.

Investors and collectors alike appreciate the JM Canada Vintage Silver Bar for its high purity, reputable brand, and potential for long-term value appreciation. Add this valuable silver bar to your collection or investment portfolio and secure your financial future with the enduring beauty and tangible asset of precious metals.

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Weight total

100 Troy Ounces

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