1 oz Silver Buffalo Round - 999+ (Uncirculated)1 oz Silver Buffalo Round - 999+ (Uncirculated)
  • 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round - 999+ (Uncirculated)
  • 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round - 999+ (Uncirculated)

1 oz Silver Buffalo Round - 999+ (Uncirculated)


1 oz Silver Buffalo Round

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1 oz Silver Buffalo Round

The 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round is a popular choice among silver investors and collectors. Known for its striking design and pure silver content, this round offers both aesthetic appeal and intrinsic value. Whether you are new to silver investing or a seasoned collector, the Silver Buffalo Round is a versatile addition to your precious metals portfolio.

Why Invest in a 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round?

Iconic Design

The 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round features an iconic design inspired by the classic Buffalo Nickel, minted between 1913 and 1938. The obverse side showcases a detailed depiction of a Native American chief, while the reverse side displays the majestic American buffalo. This homage to American history and culture makes the Silver Buffalo Round not only a valuable investment but also a piece of art.

High Purity and Weight

Each Silver Buffalo Round is composed of .999 fine silver, ensuring maximum purity. The 1 oz weight is a convenient size for both investors and collectors, offering flexibility in buying, selling, and trading. Its standard weight and high purity make it a reliable option for those looking to invest in physical silver.

Benefits of Owning Silver Buffalo Rounds

Investment Security

Silver has long been regarded as a stable investment, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Owning 1 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds provides a tangible asset that can help diversify your investment portfolio. The intrinsic value of silver, combined with the round's iconic design, offers both financial security and aesthetic pleasure.

Affordability and Liquidity

Compared to larger silver bars, the 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round is more affordable, making it accessible for investors at all levels. Its smaller size also enhances liquidity, allowing for easier trading and selling. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to incrementally build their silver holdings.


The Silver Buffalo Round's design and historical significance add a layer of collectability. Many investors find joy in accumulating these rounds not only for their silver content but also for their artistic and cultural value. As demand for silver rounds continues to grow, the collectability factor can contribute to the round's appreciation over time.

How to Purchase a 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round

When purchasing a 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round, it is essential to buy from reputable dealers. Look for dealers with positive reviews and a solid reputation in the industry. Ensure that the rounds come with proper certification and documentation to verify their authenticity and purity.


The 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in silver. Its high purity, iconic design, and affordability make it a versatile and valuable addition to any precious metals portfolio. Whether you are drawn to its historical significance or its investment potential, the Silver Buffalo Round offers a blend of beauty and security that is hard to match. Invest in this timeless piece today and enjoy the benefits of owning a classic piece of American heritage.

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39 mm




Brilliant Uncirculated




Golden State Mint


1 Troy Ounce

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