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Make Money With 401Gold

Easily earn extra cash every month by referring family or friends who sell or buy any Gold, Silver or Platinum via 401Gold
  • Anyone Can Join
  • Get paid up to $250 per friend in Cash
  • Free to Join

Want to help out friends & family & earn extra cash?

Help friends or family members who are considering selling their old unwanted jewelry and get Toronto's biggest payouts?
Share on Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts, where you can post your unique refer-a-friend link and earn extra cash.
Join the 401Gold referral program, and get paid up top $250 for any person you refer that ends up selling or buying any precious metals

Canada's Biggest Referral Payouts for Buying or
Selling Gold, Silver & Platinum

Get paid for referring customers

Customers who SELL or BUY to 401Gold
(per referred customer)
What you earn
$1 to $999 $5
$1000 to $1999 $25
$2000 to $2999 $75
$3000 to $3999 $100
$4000 to $4999 $150
$5000 + $250

Then this referral program just might be the right answer for you.

You can use this referral system to both earn an extra income for yourself, or you may want to use this system to raise money for your organization or charity.

You don’t even need to sell 401Gold any precious metals to be able to use our referral system. All you need is a desire to promote the unique website link we will give you, and you can then post it everywhere and anywhere.

And those links that you post, will in most instances last forever, so your chances of generating a new referral go up every day. Places you can post your unique link too include:

  • Word of mouth Tell all your friends & colleagues how they can get more money for their gold, silver & platinum, and make some extra revenue for yourself
  • Social Media Networks We make it easy for you to submit and share your referral link on “any” social media site, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (for folks who have an appraisal video), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and all the rest
  • Information websites Share your knowledge on website slike Reddit, and let everyone know how good it was to sell your precious metals through us
  • Email contact lists What better way to share our link, but to do it directly with people you know.
  • Blogs If you are a content creator, you can include your ezygo link into your blog posts
  • Organization Networks Are you looking for ways to raise money for your organization or charity? Why not include your referral link in your correspondence.


Simple rules to follow:

  1. No spamming allowed in any way. It's against the law, and we will block any one who tries this.
  2. Anyone caught using fake profiles or bot systems will be banned
  3. Users will be banned if links are used on any adult websites or similar
  4. No marketing to children is allowed
  5. Be nice, play fair and all will be good.


If I refer someone who buys and sells to you, how much do I get paid in commission?

We combine all buys and sells into one number, and pay you the appropriate commission for that total value.

When are commissions paid?

On the 15th day of each month for the preceding month

How do we get paid?

401Gold pays by check in the mail or we can send you an e-transfer or you can come into our store and pick up your money in cash.

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