Is Gold Easy to Sell?

If you have invested in or are considering investing in gold, one of your first questions would be, “Is Gold easy to sell”? If you haven’t thought of this yet, you probably should. Why? Because an investment is probably not the right one if you can’t offload it easily when the time comes. 

Is gold easy to sell? The simple answer is Yes. Given its intrinsic value as a precious metal, there is always someone looking to buy some gold. In Toronto, we have many gold buyers. That, coupled with the online buyers and certain banks that buy, makes gold one commodity that is easy to sell. 

In this article, we will discuss just how easy it can be to sell your gold by looking at the different services gold for cash buyers offer, as well as the different types of gold most of them buy.

What Makes Gold Easy to Sell? 

A long time ago, gold was very valuable and even used as a currency. Although it isn’t the official currency today, it still largely retains its value. As with all things worthwhile, gold’s value also stems from the fact that it is scarce and difficult to get.

However, gold’s value is ultimately gotten from our social perception of the metal. Today, gold is mainly used to store value, hedge against paper money inflation, and make valuable jewellery. Gold is also generally accepted as an asset you can always trade for cash, making it a good investment whether you buy it as jewellery or just as a way to save.

Gold is easy to sell because there is always demand for it; it is scarce, and keeping gold can make you more money.

What Kind of Gold Can You Sell?

Since gold can come in different shapes and sizes with varying purity, it’s not uncommon to wonder what kind of gold you can sell? Or, to rephrase the question, what type of gold will buyers want?

The answer to that question is, if it is real gold, you’ll get a buyer for it eventually. However, the easiest type of gold to sell is bullion. Gold bullion is typically defined as gold that has been refined to the highest quality and has a stamped weight.

With gold, bullion typically comes in bars and coins and is at least 99% pure. Bullion is the easiest type of gold to sell because, in some situations, it can be considered legal tender. Also, most central banks use bullion to hold gold in reserves. 

In other forms, gold is still pretty easy to sell. At 401Gold, we buy bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, pendants, and even dental jewellery. In addition, we also buy all types of bullion, coins and bars alike.

Some gold buyers will also offer to buy almost any kind of gold from you. However, we can guarantee that no one will offer you a deal as good as the deals you can get at 401Gold.

Where is Gold Easy to Sell?

  • Online Gold Buyers: There are a lot of online gold buyers who have earned their reputation as being transparent. Most of them have also created processes that make gold easy to sell when you’re selling to them.

Most online gold buyers provide ways or instructions on how to send your gold to them. Most online dealers also make sure that your gold is insured during shipping, so even if it is lost, you can get the value back in cash.

When they eventually get the gold, they examine it to determine its value and then make you an offer. If you accept, they send you the money and should you decline; you get your gold back.

  • Physical Cash for Gold Stores: Physical cash for gold stores, pawnshops, and gold bullion shops are almost everywhere. Selling your gold at most of these locations is equally a straightforward process. Most times, all you need to do is take your gold in, then they value it and make you an offer, then you can choose to accept or decline.
  • 401Gold: Technically, yes, 401Gold is also a physical cash-for-gold store. So, you might be wondering why we have decided to categorize ourselves differently here? And the answer to that is simple. Our services make gold easy to sell. 

At 401Gold, we understand that even having to come into the store to sell your gold can pose a challenge. So, we offer a mobile service to disabled customers or customers who can’t come into the store with a minimum of $2000 worth of gold to sell.

Our mobile service means we come to meet you wherever is convenient for you, appraise your gold there, and pay you for it. What is more convenient than that?

But that’s not all. At 401Gold, we consciously make gold easy to sell. Our location was also explicitly chosen with this in mind. Located minutes off the 401, it is easy for you to come into our store if you stay in Toronto. We also offer free underground parking!

Furthermore, with our online calculator, you know just how much we intend to offer for your gold before you even come in. This way, you don’t even have to come in if you do not like our offer! With 401Gold, gold has never been easier to sell.    


A lot of things make gold easy to sell. Since it is a valuable commodity in high demand, there is almost always no shortage of buyers. As a result of the competition among gold buyers, they have had to create unique services to distinguish themselves and show sellers that they mean business.


Should I Buy Physical Gold or Stocks?

They are both great options, but they have some pros and cons. To decide this, you need to, first of all, determine what you are trying to achieve with your investment. If you need a hedge against inflation and a way to store value, physical gold is a great choice. However, you should get a gold-related stock if you prioritize things like dividends.

Is it Better to Keep Cash or Gold?

The best way to store your money long-term is by using gold. While cash tends to lose value in the long term, gold tends to increase value. If you need somewhere to buy some gold, check us out at 401Gold for the best deals on bullion.

Is Gold a High-risk Investment?

Gold could be considered a risky investment since its price is mainly based on investor speculation. It’s also not an income-generating asset. So yes, it is pretty risky in the short term since prices could be rather volatile. But it has proven itself to be quite the safe bet in the long term.

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