Gold Buyers & Silver Buyers in Toronto

As gold buyers and silver buyers in Toronto, we at 401Gold are proud to offer huge payouts on any item whether it is jewellery or bullion or any other item you may want to sell.

We are very confident that you will really see how much more 401Gold pays for your gold, silver and platinum that we show you what you can expect to be paid on our payouts page. You can also try our our handy calculator, which lets you enter in information about each of your items, and our systems give you live estimates of the value for each item individually.

Why not come by our new store just minutes north off the 401 on Warden Avenue and just east of he 404, where we offer free undercover parking right in front of our store that makes it both super safe for you to enter and exit our store front location as well as free from pesky rain or snow.

Every appraisal we do as a gold buyer is free of charge, so you are welcome to find out how much your items are worth without even having to sell anything to us. So why not find out what your worth is, and take advantage of this totally free service. You might also find out of your items are real or fake, as we not only test any precious metals you have but we can also fully test any diamonds, gemstones or semi precious gemstones at the same time.

Lets not forget that our scales are certified by Measurements Canada, so you know that we will pay you for the exact amount of precious metals guaranteed. Imagine dealing with someone whose scales aren't certified, and you end up getting paid way less for something that is worth possibly thousands of dollars. Its just not worth taking the risk.

Jewellery for Gold Buyers

Is the Piece a Premium piece?

The first thing we do when you bring jewellery in as a gold buyer, is to work out if your item is of greater value than just the metal itself. We will pay more if the item is either a premium price made by a famous jeweller such as Tiffany's or Chopard, or if the item is obviously a well crafted item that we could possibly resell at a higher price ourselves.

Does the item have any diamonds or gemstones?

Here is the bad news. Small Diamonds and Gemstones aren't nearly worth as much as you think they might be. Large high quality diamonds (over half a carat) do fetch higher payouts, especially if they come with a recognized certificate.

The biggest problem we face with diamonds is that it is now almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural diamond from a lab grown (synthetic) diamond

Bullion for Gold Buyers

Gold Buyer & Silver Buyers for Bullion

401Gold is a gold buyer of bullion and a silver buyer of bullion. We buy any bullion of any size, shape and type of metals. To see what we bullion we buy, please visit our bullion information page. To see what we pay for bullion (note that our prices are always live), please visit our Payouts page.

As we are based in Toronto Canada, we offer even higher payouts for bullion from these mints as we have found that our customers who buy bullion have a preference for their precious metals products:

  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • US Mint
  • Royal Mint (UK)
  • Perth Mint (AU)

We will always pay more for any bullion product from the Royal Canadian Mint, as the demand right now is literally off the charts.

And always remember, you can always bring your bullion in to be tested for free.

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