Cash for Gold Toronto - Sell Gold & Forget the Pawnshops

You have some gold or silver, and you’re thinking “where can I sell gold in Toronto?” What is the best Cash for Gold Toronto service?

The next question when you’ve decided that you want to sell your Gold, Silver, or Platinum jewellery is “how much money can I get to sell my gold?”

But what you really need to know is “how do I get paid as much as possible for my gold, with as little drama as possible here in Toronto?

Now, that’s the real question you need to ask when you sell gold in Toronto, and we have the answers.

The best Cash for Gold Toronto service

So as you read this, you’re trying to figure out who will pay you the most cash for gold in Toronto, and how you’re going to deal with one of many Pawn Shop cash for gold dealers.

How are you supposed to know what they’re going to pay you when all they advertise is “Top Dollar” or “Highest Prices Guaranteed” or “best cash for gold” or “best place to sell gold in Toronto”.

“What do those words even mean?” I hear you saying. We thought the exact same thing. What these cash for gold Toronto pawnbrokers and gold buyers say means absolutely nothing.

401Gold answers your questions

The one phrase that worries me, and should worry you is “Instant cash for gold”, which is code for “we pay less because you need the money badly” when you sell gold to us.

Then on top of that, it’s hard to just get to these places easily and get cash for gold in Toronto, with lousy parking in most locations in and around Toronto that just make you want an easier solution.

What can 401Gold offer you?

At 401Gold, we decided to make that decision as easy as possible for you, by removing the need to visit a shop and by advertising our payouts upfront for cash for gold Toronto.

Here is the first step that we recommend for you to do. Check out how high our advertised cash for gold payouts are for your jewellery or bullion that you’ve decided to sell gold in Toronto.

Now we will show you why it makes sense to sell your jewellery or bullion to 401Gold, with these amazing services that we offer you.

To see our full Cash for Gold Toronto services, or in other neighbourhoods like Etobicoke, York & East York, please visit the HomePage

Equipment Certified by Measurements Canada

There are two important measurements when it comes to appraising your precious metals so you can get the best cash for gold possible.

The first is a (we use the Fischer Technology), which is a non-destructive piece of equipment that we use for all our appraisals. The purpose of the XRF is to confirm that which you already know. What the purity is of your precious metal (eg 14Kt gold)

The second piece of equipment we use are scales that are certified by Measurements Canada, which are accurate to 0.001 grams. Because we use these scales, you will always know that you are getting paid the full value of your precious metals each and every time when you have decided to sell gold.

Cash for Gold service at your Home or Business

This service is offered to our customers who may be physically unable to attend our store. Please call us to see how the process works

So now you know that our equipment is excellent, and you also have a clear idea of how much cash for gold we’re going to pay you because we advertise our payouts upfront.

Moreover, you now have to figure out whether you want to send us your items via UPS (fully insured) and get our highest payout for your items, or you may wish to select our mobile cash for gold Toronto service.

If you have decided to sell gold and choose to use our mobile cash for gold Toronto service, our appraisers will come to your home or business and give you cash for gold out to Etobike and up to North York and do the appraisal at your location at a time that is suitable for you.

It is important to note that the payouts are slightly less for the mobile service.

Cash for Gold Toronto service features

Here are some important features and benefits for both cash for gold Toronto services.

401Gold mobile cash for gold service

For our mobile cash for gold Toronto service, we usually need customers to have a reasonable amount of precious metals to sell for us to offer you cash for gold Toronto mobile service. But as our appraisers are driving from Hamilton to Aurora, and over to Oshawa, we might be able to assist you with a mobile appraisal if one of our appraisers is near your location.

Where 401Gold standout?

Cash for Gold Toronto

We also have a number of security and health protection measures that we use to protect you and our appraisers when you sell gold.

Regarding our security measures, we do not disclose those countermeasures publicly, but we will of course discuss these with you at the time of your appraisal.

And for the protection of your health, we have multiple options that we deploy, depending on the current health alerts from  

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