Buy Gold Maple Leaf coins in Toronto & Canada

Buy Gold Maple Leaf coins in Toronto & Canada

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Why buy Gold Maple Leaf coins?

Investing in precious metals like gold has been a cornerstone of secure investment portfolios for centuries. However, the rise in counterfeit coins has posed a significant threat to investors. The Royal Canadian Mint's Gold Maple Leaf (GML) coins are among the most sought-after gold coins worldwide, thanks to their high purity and renowned design. Yet, they are not immune to counterfeiting attempts, making counterfeit protection a critical concern for both investors and the Mint.

And this is why you should always buy Gold Maple Leaf coins

Buy Gold Maple Leaf Coins

You should buy Gold Maple Leaf coins as they are a symbol of quality and security in the precious metals market. Introduced in 1979 by the Royal Canadian Mint, it has set a standard for gold coins globally with its 99.99% gold purity. Its design, featuring the iconic maple leaf and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, is recognized worldwide.

Distinctive Security Enhancements

  • This coin is safeguarded by three advanced security measures: meticulously crafted radial lines, a finely detailed micro-engraved leaf, and the exclusive Bullion DNA anti-counterfeiting technology developed by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • It stands as an appealing choice for newcomers to precious metals as well as seasoned investors.
  • The precision-engineered radial lines generate a distinctive pattern that diffracts light in a way unique to this coin.

Counterfeit Threats

As the popularity of GML coins has grown, so has the sophistication of counterfeiters. Fake gold coins not only undermine investor confidence but also impact the integrity of the precious metals market. The Royal Canadian Mint has continuously innovated to outpace counterfeiters and protect investors.

Security Features

Over the years, the Mint has introduced several cutting-edge security features to safeguard the authenticity of GML coins. These features are designed to be easily recognizable to investors while being extremely difficult for counterfeiters to replicate.

Evolution of Security Features

This is the number #1 reason why you should buy Gold Maple Leaf coins

The security features of GML coins have evolved significantly, reflecting advancements in technology and the Mint's commitment to security.


Micro-engraving involves adding intricate, minute details to the coin's design that are almost impossible to replicate accurately by counterfeiters. This feature is visible under magnification and provides a clear indication of authenticity.

Laser Mark Security

Laser mark security includes the use of laser technology to create a small, textured maple leaf mark on the coin. This mark contains the coin's year of issue and is only visible under magnification, adding an additional layer of security.

Bullion DNA Technology

Perhaps the most innovative security feature is the Bullion DNA technology. Each GML coin is engraved with a unique digital signature, allowing verified dealers to authenticate the coin using specialized equipment provided by the Royal Canadian Mint.

How to Verify Authenticity

Verifying the authenticity of a Gold Maple Leaf coin involves several steps, including visual inspection, seeking reputable dealers, and utilizing technology. But the truth today as we type this ibn early 2024 is that this gold coin is the one and only gold coin that you can visually inspect and know with almost certain confidence that it is indeed real, which is why we always recommend - buy Gold Maple Leaf coins

Visual Inspection

Investors can look for the coin's security features, such as micro-engraving and the laser mark, as initial steps in authentication.

History of the Royal Canadian Mints Gold Maple Leaf coins

Annually issued by the Canadian government, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (GML) is a premier gold bullion coin crafted by the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin, recognized as legal tender, carries a nominal value of 50 Canadian dollars, though its market value fluctuates with the current gold prices. Renowned for its purity, the Gold Maple Leaf boasts a .9999 millesimal fineness, or 24 karats, with some editions even reaching .99999, making it one of the world's purest official bullion coins. Available in a standard weight of at least 1 troy ounce (31.10 grams), the coin also comes in various sizes and denominations, ranging from 1 gram to 1⁄2 ounce, valued between 50 cents and 20 Canadian dollars.

Different Sizes For Gold Maple Leaf Coins
Different Sizes For Gold Maple Leaf Coins

At this point, you must start realizing that you should only buy Gold Maple Leaf coins

The coin features the image of Queen Elizabeth II of Canada on the obverse, and the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf on the reverse. In efforts to enhance security, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced new features in 2013 and 2015. A laser-micro-engraved textured maple leaf, containing the year of issue visible only under magnification, was added to the reverse in 2013. In 2015, radial lines were incorporated into the background on both sides of the coin for added security.

A special edition of the Gold Maple Leaf, known as the Big Maple Leaf with a face value of $1 million and a metal value exceeding $3.5 million, was unveiled on May 3, 2007. This colossal coin, measuring 50 cm in diameter and 3 cm in thickness, weighs 100 kg and boasts an unmatched purity of 99.999%. However, one of the six coins minted was stolen from the Berlin Bode Museum on March 26, 2017, and is presumed to have been melted down, remaining unfound as of 2021.

The Gold Maple Leaf coin was first introduced in 1979, entering a market that had few competitors, such as the South African Krugerrand, which faced limited availability due to an economic boycott of apartheid-era South Africa, and the Austrian 100 Corona. Coins minted from 1979 to 1982 were produced with a fineness of .999.

Its time to buy Gold Maple Leaf coins

Table of production of the Gold Maple Leaf coins

Years Weights ozt Purity Obverse
1979–1982 1 oz. 0.999
39-year-old Queen Elizabeth II
November 1982 – 1985 1 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz. 0.9999
1986–1989 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz. 0.9999
1990–1992 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz. 0.9999
64-year-old Queen Elizabeth II
1993 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz., 1⁄20 oz. 0.9999
1994 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz., 1⁄15 oz., 1⁄20 oz. 0.9999
1995–2004 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz., 1⁄20 oz. 0.9999
2005–2013 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz., 1⁄20 oz. 0.9999
79-year-old Queen Elizabeth II
2014–2023 1 oz., 1⁄2 oz., 1⁄4 oz., 1⁄10 oz., 1⁄20 oz., 1 gram. 0.9999
2023-Present King Charles III

Why you should only buy Gold Maple Leaf coins from licensed bullion dealers in Toronto or Canada

Purchasing gold Maple Leaf coins from licensed bullion dealers in Toronto or anywhere in Canada is crucial for several reasons, which revolve around ensuring the authenticity, quality, and legality of the transaction. Here are the key reasons why it's recommended to only buy these coins from licensed dealers:

  1. Authenticity Guarantee: Licensed dealers are required to adhere to strict standards and regulations, which include selling authentic products. This reduces the risk of buying counterfeit coins, which can be a significant issue in the precious metals market.
  2. Quality Assurance: Gold Maple Leaf coins are known for their high purity and quality. Buying from a licensed dealer ensures that the coins you receive meet the exact specifications and standards set by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  3. Legal Protection: Licensed dealers operate under regulatory frameworks that protect consumers. In case of any disputes or issues, buyers have a clear legal recourse. Unlicensed sellers might not offer the same level of protection, making it riskier for the buyer.
  4. Fair Pricing: Licensed bullion dealers are more likely to offer competitive and fair market prices. They operate transparently and provide pricing that reflects the current market value of gold, avoiding the price gouging that can occur with unlicensed sellers.
  5. Expert Advice: Licensed dealers often have knowledgeable staff who can provide valuable advice regarding investment in precious metals. This can be particularly beneficial for new investors who are not familiar with the market.
  6. Tax Compliance: Purchasing from a licensed dealer ensures that all transactions are conducted in compliance with Canadian tax laws. This includes the proper handling of taxes such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), where applicable.
  7. Reputation and Reliability: Licensed dealers usually have established reputations and are reliable sources for precious metals. They have a vested interest in maintaining good customer relations and upholding their reputation in the market.
  8. Wide Selection: Licensed dealers typically offer a wide selection of products, including different years and variations of the Gold Maple Leaf coins, allowing collectors and investors to find specific items they are interested in.
  9. Secure Transactions: When dealing with valuable commodities like gold, security is paramount. Licensed dealers have secure transaction processes and offer safe delivery options to protect your purchase.

In summary, purchasing Gold Maple Leaf coins from licensed bullion dealers in Toronto or Canada ensures that you are engaging in a safe, legal, and secure transaction, receiving authentic and high-quality products, and benefiting from expert advice and fair pricing. This minimizes the risks associated with investing in precious metals and enhances the overall investment experience.


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