Buy or Sell Bullion - Gold, Silver, Platinum

What We Sell

Gold, silver and Platinum bullion and coins

We typically carry a range of 1 ounce gold bullion coins and bars as well as 10 ounce silver bars, as these tend to be the most commonly sought after bullion products by our customers. We do occasionally get different products in stock, so please ask our staff for what is available today when you call.

As demand is so high for these products, we ask that you give us a call to confirm what we have in stock, confirm any hold orders (we will hold stock for 24 hours on your behalf) and set an appointment to complete the purchase.

**We do not store any bullion at our premises**

**We accept Canadian cash only for all Bullion sales.**

**We can hand deliver bullion for a small fee**

In Ontario there is a 13% HST tax payable for any gold, silver or platinum coin or bar that is less than 99.5% pure.

Please Call (647) 549-0540 for availability

What We Buy

We buy any recognized bullion for any coins or bars made from the following precious metals:
401Gold will typically pay higher premiums for the following mints:

- The Royal Canadian Mint
- The US Mint
- The Perth Mint

and we will typically pay higher premiums for the following products from these three mints

- 1 oz Gold Coins
- 10 oz Silver Bars
- 1 oz Silver Coins

401Gold Inc pays customers by company check for any bullion we purchase.

For purchases that have payouts exceeding $200.00, we require proof of the sellers Social Insurance Number as well as a Canadian Government Issued Photo ID with proof of address as per Please call us in advance if you intend on selling any bullion over $1000.

Requirements For All Purchases
As per municipal, provincial law and Canadian law we can only purchase from clients who are at least 18 years of age. All purchases require us to record the details of one piece of "valid" Government Issued Photo ID. Provincial Health Cards are not valid forms of ID for these laws. For visitors to Canada who do not have Canadian ID, we are required to take a photocopy of your international passport.

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